Japan style

In fact, there are many kinds of fashion style in Japan. For example, Harajuku, vintage, Lolita, Punk. Although not everyone can accept them, we also have to respect their style of dressing, it is a kind of respect for clothing.

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Asia Fashion Here is a map that I can use funny way to introduce Asia fashion, Tokyo is our first destination, if you interesting this, please follow me!

Gif source:Tokyo Trip, Japan 2017 4K Cinematic Ultra HD

I will intruduce four style which can present the japan clothing style


Harajuku style has a long history, which is also a unique culture of Japan.
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Harajuku style has been in existence since the early 1980’s, and it has been sought after by young Japanese. The colour is vibrant, the method is bold, and the artistry is the style of Harajuku style. Most people who like Harajuku style have their independent ideas and insights and have a unique aesthetic. They are good at mashups and are good at dressing up in colourful colours, even their hair is pink or blue, which is very attractive. Some of the sources of their clothes are second-hand, and some are in the retro store.

image source: Harajuku street style

Harajuku style has also joined different Harajuku, such as punk, consistent manner, traditional form and so on. They dress up as teenage girls in the flower season. Sometimes the mix and match look very different and inconsistent, but it gives people a sense of coordination and even appreciates.


Vintage style is popular in Japan, and there is a Vintage shop on almost every street. Retro means that these clothes are not fashionable now, but the clothes of the previous era. This kind of clothing often goes through the precipitation of years and becomes more precious. Like some designer bags and costumes, the price can be several times higher and more collectible. But most retro products are cheaper because of the damage and stains of the clothes. Most people who like vintage clothes are more traditional people, and they save, they are good at finding the clothes that suit them and making the clothes show their uniqueness.


Photo by Negative Space on Vintage Shop


Photo by Negative Space on Tokyo


Photo by Negative Space on Tokyo


Lolita became a unique dressing style in Japan, which is mainly popular among girls. Most of them are very cute, wearing lace skirts with lace accents, white stockings and shoes with bows. All the dresses are all cute. Lolita represents childhood and represents the girl’s desire for sex. This appearance is adorable, but it makes people feel a little uneasy, and he can’t help but think deeply. They want never to grow up and live in fairy tales forever. Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov wrote a book about pedophilia and underage sex. Lolita in this book is sexy and emphasizes sexual relationships. In contrast, Japan’s Lolita is more pure and cute.
image source:Tokyo Harajuku Sokak Modası
image source:pintrest
image source:pintrest

4.Daliy style

The difference from the above is that in Japan, most people advocate minimalism, and the clothes brand Uniqlo is also from Japan, and the home representative is MUJI. These two brands are enough to represent the Japanese style, rigorous and straightforward. They are good at using a single item but can match different styles and suit separate occasions. Most clothes are classic and not easy to date. Their dressing gives a very comfortable feeling, like if they wear the dress themselves. The style of clothes is generally based on skill and simplicity, without too much cumbersome decoration .

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image source:pintrest
image source:pintrest
image source:pintrest


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