Requirements of aisan society for body size

Every country has their clothing style that has different acceptability, and this post will introduce about what is mean perfect bodies in Asia society. The reason is that the figure is also a part of the show clothes.

Western society is not very strict about body requirement of people, most of them can accept different body shape, and many buxom ladies can find their favorite cloth on shops, and some clothes are very beauty which can let plump people show their bodies with confidence. But in Asia society, people are very street strict about body shape, most of them think only a thin person can wear beautiful clothes so that can show how fancy about clothes which also let Asia girl always lose weight even though their bodies are perfect. That is a malformation phenomenon in the society; it also led some plump people to be slammed by the community.





Victoria secret – a famous underwear brand in the world, one of the photo has caused a heated debate amount the community. There have ten models are wearing underwear to show their perfect bodies with slogans that is (The ideal body). This behaviour caused community unsatisfied, most ladies though this poster produces the disadvantageous effect for women, it probably results in the woman to proceed a series of incorrect ways to lose weight and cause them to have an awareness of the sick for their bodies.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign Changes Slogan After Backlash     

image source:Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign Changes Slogan After Backlash


Of course, in a most western brand, they will invite a several of bodies shape model to show the same product. For example DEARKATES, you can see different shapes ladies to show the same underwear, this also gains the recognized and endorsed by the community. Some heavy built woman can get more confidence about it. Even though a ladies who do not have perfect body walking on the street, no one will discuss her rather than encourage her and tell her she is perfect. When they show their bodies in the social media, walking in the street, they always with confidence.

image source:


image source:When will we ditch the idea of the “perfect” body?


In contrast, Asian society is too demanding on women’s body size. They even list a picture to tell people what is a model figure and what is an average value, but these figures are average for European society — body type. In Japan, men even evaluate the height of girls, 150-155 girls are cute, but if girls are above 160-165cm, they will be called the monsters. That is rude to women. Most boys think that their status in society is higher than that of women, and they put forward many demanding demands on women. What a kind of unequal treatment for girls!

image source:What is the Japanese standard for female height?

What is even more unfair in this society is that if a fat girl walks on the street wearing beautiful clothes, most people will discuss her. For example, she will say that she is ugly, not qualified to wear cute clothes or to wear it after losing weight. In their view, these girls who are not perfect are not eligible to wear beautiful clothes or even think that they can not go out, because that will affect people’s vision. In such a society, many girls with imperfect bodies condemned and criticized by the organization. Some people criticize them from the perspective of God that makes those girls gradually unconfident, inferior and even depressed, which leads them to overeat and to fall into the Infinite loop.

China has a well-known shopping site, Taobao, where people can buy whatever they want. In this platform, the models need to wear clothes to show the clothes to the customers, but most of these models are perfect girls, they think that only such a body can make the clothes perfect.

image source: YANNI WEI

Almost every Asian girl wants to lose weight. They have strict demands on their body. They will feel inferior to their imperfections and try different ways to make themselves slim. If they feel too fat, when they go out concerned about the eyes of others, maybe others smash them, it cause them to start thinking about whether they are not good enough, others see her. Does she need to lose weight?


There is a girl on the Internet who is very concerned about the body. Her height is 165cm, but her weight is only 58 pounds, and her original weight is 120 pounds. For a girl with a height of 165cm, this weight is average. The reason why she was crazy about weight loss was that her ex-boyfriend thought she was too fat and asked to break up. That shows that in Asian society, men’s demands on women are too high, even if they do not have such excellent girls.

image source:DOUYIN


Perhaps Asian society should think about whether women are too harsh, whether they should change their mindset and accept them. Because they are also ordinary people, they also have the right to approve all equal rights in society, instead of being condemned and abandoned by this society.

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